Nike and RDC.
Bridge The Gap: London Calling.

Nike and RDC.

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11 international running crews.
One big weekend.

Urban running crews, as a more exciting alternative to traditional running clubs, have been popping up across the world in recent years. Nike asked us to create a London experience that would bring these crews closer together.

Crews are typically made up of creative, style-conscious individuals who enjoy blending street running with social and work interests such as music, writing and design. Under the banner of Bridge The Gap: London Calling, we branded and organised a weekend of events designed to match these interests.

The weekend saw Nike UK and London’s Run Dem Crew play host to crews from 11 major cities: from Berlin and Moscow to LA, New York and Tokyo.

Activities included a fiercely contested ‘Drag Race’ sprint tournament in Leake Street's famous graffiti tunnel on Friday night, a creative workshop at Sugarhouse Studios on Saturday and the Nike British 10K on Sunday. The weekend was rounded off with a trip to Nike FuelFest at Battersea Power Station.

Working with Nike’s global team in Portland, we documented and promoted activities through commissioned photography as well as an online hub that captured and streamed all relevant Twitter and Instagram content.

The weekend was a huge success with over 2,200 tweets and hundreds of positive comments on Twitter plus over 1,100 likes on Nike Sportswear’s global Facebook page.
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